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Milas's Customs offers bespoke custom solo girl — completely customizable, personalized videos to meet your every desire. Whether you have a general idea of what you want, or a very specific fetish, I can make a video for you! Your video can star me, me and my friends, or I also produce custom videos starring other girls! Don’t be shy! Nothing is too kinky or unusual for me! Feel free to select or suggest an outfit, toy, act, position, etc. that you want to see. It’s your video ???? But if you want your video is a timely manner please avoid overly specific instructions like how long shots should last and lots of lines to memorize. 

Also the following are hard no no’s: 

  • No pee, poop, puke, or any other bodily fluids
  • No rough anal play
  • No huge toys or gapping
  • No extreme abuse
  • Nothing in public

Once I get your request I will email you to finalize the details and payment. Most customs will be completed within 7 days. If it will take longer for some reason, like if I have to order something to do your request, I will let you know. If you have a specific outfit or toy you’d like to see me use mention it in your description. You can send me an Amazon gift card or I will let you know where you can mail it.

  • I loved my custom video... Just like how wanted! My backup pen(is) is now more full. Tnkssss Mila! 😅🤣 John, CA, 10/05/2016

Advanced custom video

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